Government Standoff: Not a Game

The most recent government shutdown has me shaking my head with shame. This is the third shutdown this year (it is marked by the start of the closure) and has the potential to be the longest one in history. But while Congress continues on with their pay for acting like spoiled children, thousands of innocent are paying the consequences of the battle.


Photo by Laura Lin

According to the Government Executive, 350,000 will be furloughed (temporarily laid off), and 420,000 will be forced to work without pay. It is our postal workers, military, traffic controllers, among a number of other professions that are going without pay, people who ensure this country is protected and operating smoothly.

While some federal agencies continue to operate (without paying their workers), others close down entirely, such as the Internal Revenue Service, a most inconvenient time with tax season fast approaching.

Trump, as well as those serving in Congress, do not need to be concerned about how to pay their bills, pay the mortgage, or put food on the table and therefore they fold their arms and declare a standoff as the President refuses to compromise on the terms of building his border wall.

BBC News reports that the Democrats are not backing down, “declaring the wall immoral.” Trump is publicly placing the blame of the government shutdown on the shoulders of the Democratic Party for refusing to give him what he wants. A Reuters/Ipsos poll says the people feel otherwise though, with 50 percent blaming the President for the shutdown and only 32 percent suggesting that the Democrats are the culprits.

The entire thing began while Congress met to discuss the annual budget for the upcoming year. A bipartisan agreement on the budget had actually been met but Trump refused to sign off on it because he wanted funding for his wall. A new bill was passed in the House and voted on but it came up short and thus the current standoff ensued.

Until it ends the entire thing will be ran like a game with the common person played as the pawn. Fear tactics are used in order to pressure one party or the other into caving. In typical Trump fashion, threats spew forth. The Washington Post reported that the President said the shutdown could go on for “months or even years.” He has also stated that he may declare a national emergency which would force the country to build the wall. Such statements leave the people unsettled and anxious with concern about their finances and standards of living.

Like spoiled children, they hole up on Capital Hill arguing, pouting, and pointing fingers while forgetting the people they were sworn to serve and represent. With Hilary Clinton winning the popular vote in the 2016 election, it is clear that Trump does not always have the support of the people. His wall proves to be no different. NPR reports that 57 percent of Americans wish Trump to reach a compromise.

Despite how I feel about Trump’s ability to rule this country, one thing I can say about him is that he’s brilliant at manipulation, but so was Hitler.

Only time will reveal whether his childish tactics will work, however, if the President isn’t careful, his bullying ways may backfire on him this time, as those who once supported the wall move to support whichever side will end the shutdown.



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