Today ends my social media challenge. Though I would like to say that I will not be returning to such time wasting tools such as Facebook, the truth is, I missed it. I missed seeing pictures of my friends’ kids and hearing about the quirky day that my various family members had.

In such a busy world it is becoming increasingly more difficult to touch base with family and friends, however, social media allows me to do that at my convenience.  It’s a sad truth about our society, but a truth nonetheless.

With more demands on our time and irregular work schedules, social gatherings are kept to a minimum for holidays, birthday parties, and funerals – and it’s still hit and miss if everyone can make those!! So if there is a resource that allows loved ones near and far to stay connected – so be it!

What I didn’t miss though, were all the memes, videos, and just social media noise that mindlessly sucks down valuable time like a leech. Without this noise draining me of vital rest and brain cells, I have felt more energetic and engaged this past month. That makes me think that perhaps I will do some purging of followed/liked pages in order to create an atmosphere that is most conducive with my needs.

I also learned that there is a plethora of distractions on our phone due to the ease of access – it can be a coloring book app, searching recipes, online books, or any number of things that are found in that great world wide web. Some of these things help us relax, some expand our minds, some help us in a task, not all of it is bad stuff. But like everything in our lives, we have to use it responsibly.

Anything in excess causes problems. If you find you’re reaching for that phone far too often just out of a mindless habit, put it in another room for a bit or leave it at home the next time you go for a walk.

Learn to live in the moment again instead of feeling the need to capture the moment through the screen of technology.  Don’t just look at the world through the perspective of others but be a part of the world.

Though my month of no social media has ended, I challenge you to give it a go. 

Go a month, or even a week, without accessing your favorite social media platforms and see what happens.  Then let me know what you discover in the comments below.   

I dare you!




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