What Can I give?

I used to love the holidays. It was magical and exciting. Now….now I find they are this strange production that takes a feat of strength and determination to organize and survive. However, when Christmas morning arrives, I find that I am still as giddy as a little child despite all the things I didn’t get to buy or do.

Aside from trying to coordinate ever growing schedules and navigate a shrinking wallet, the holidays have always been the one time of year I could spoil my children, and give back to those who have given so much to me. It hurts my heart when I can’t buy for others, donate as much as I wish, or pick an angel from the Angel Tree. I love to give! But existing on this planet means that there are a lot of takers that leave you with little or nothing to work with.

Though I often find myself getting overly stressed about how to get my shopping done, and still manage to put food on the table and pay bills, somehow it always comes together. This year, however, I aim to try something different – instead of focusing on what I CANNOT give, I want to focus on what I CAN give.

As this time of year is full of lists, I thought I’d make one of what I give that costs little to nothing.



-Everybody can use a friendly smile this time of year


-These are truly free and often needed


-Again, it costs nothing and goes a long way


– There’s always a few lying about that can be dropped in the bell ringer’s bucket


-They don’t have to be eloquent, just from the heart. Write it down or say it, but tell people in your life how much they mean to you


– It’s all about togetherness, so give the gift of time. Sit and visit over a cup of hot chocolate, watch a movie together, play a game, volunteer. Find time for others


-Those paychecks, no matter how meager, provide so much


– Whether hand made or store bought give a card and use your words to share the holiday spirit


– Always needed and always appreciated


– They really are worth a thousand words

Homemade Things

– Made with love is always the best gift.

As you can see, I have room to add more because once you begin thinking along simpler lines and less upon a big ticket item, you will find that you can give far more than you thought.

Make your own list and see what you come up with that is unique to you and your talents. Share some of your ideas here to help others who may be struggling to come up with things. With a positive attitude and a spirit of giving, perhaps we all can find the magic and meaning in the holidays once again.


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