Society Disrupted

Today is DAY 1 of working from home, something that many in the country have been doing for a week now, some even longer.  I have been awake for approximately thirty minutes and already I feel disoriented as chaos spills in upon what is usually my “quiet time.”

The two college students, who are now trapped at home doing on-line classes, are already awake; one has been trying to register for next semester’s classes – a task that never goes smoothly – the other simply is seeking breakfast.  Before I have even brushed my teeth, I have doled out encouraging advice and sent off an email to a professor in the hopes of helping with registration. Thankfully, the other college student has fewer needs and thus retreats quietly to her corner of the house with a bowl of cereal in hand.

The high school student is still asleep, having stayed up until the wee hours of the morning again playing Xbox with his friends. This has become the new norm for him. However, he brings his own share of drama by leaving me a message that is saying all the school work he has been doing on-line doesn’t count as a grade and something about packets. This instantly warrants a quick text to a teacher friend for clarification and a rant by me on how backwards our state is. I have yet to have my coffee.

Finally, with hot coffee nearby, I take a seat, feeling jittery and discombobulated as I’m not sure of my routine. Do I instantly start some random work for the library? Do I relax? Do I do a roleplay reply, write a letter? Should I be productive instantly by starting a load of laundry?  Maybe getting dressed is a good step in the right direction.

Second thought, I think I will stay in my pajamas, sip my coffee, and wait for my eyes to adjust and just write because that is something I can control.

How are you all surviving this disruption to life? What new things have you discovered? What frustrations have you encountered?


Fun Ideas for people of all ages that may help pass the time

Explore livecams

San Diego Zoo livecams

Instagram @savewithstories

There are many museums offering virtual tours, many sources for virtual story times including local libraries,  and various daily challenges being offered for writing and art.



In my house we have taken to doing crafts as well.

Here are a few that have been wonderful time traps and also create peace and harmony for a bit.

Diamond art painting kitsIMG_5180

                                                 Sun catchers (Pintrest has step by step guides for doing your own with cellophane)IMG_5204




Bead work



 Lego (never gets old)


Science experiments (the Internet has an abundance of resources)

In addition to crafts, and school work, we are trying to get in a little bit of exercise.  A daily walk around the neighborhood is great for the body and soul.  Plus it just feels good to get out of the house.  Two of my kids have fencing equipment that helps in being physical as well as taking out frustrations.  I highly recommend a punching bag or taking up some other physical activity to release stress.

Once you have worked out your anxiety, sit down with a good book.  In a time when we cannot explore the world around us, let a book take you away to other times and places.  This is a great escape from reality and frees the mind and imagination for a little bit.


This is a scary time for us, but it is not the first life-altering event civilization has witnessed.  People have survived purgings, starvation, and plagues; we will survive this too.

In the time it took me to hash out this blog, I have managed to drink two cups of coffee, help with homework, get the answers to my questions, and formulate a plan for the day.  It starts with taking a deep breath.

Stay Healthy and Well, my friends. There is comfort in unity and right now the whole world is united in both our fears and determination to get through this.

Pax vobiscum.




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