It’s so Little to Ask

Last night, one of my daughter’s had a meltdown as she received the news that her boyfriend, stationed in Kuwait, wont be returning home as originally scheduled due to the Covid-19. A few weeks ago my other daughter received similar news, her boyfriend who lives in England would be unable to visit this summer, the flights have been canceled, making it another year before they can be together. Both asked one question, “Why wont people just do what they’re supposed to?” My only answer, “because we’re selfish and spoiled.” For what other reason could there be for a nation to risk so much?

Three simple things were asked of us: stay home, wash your hands, and, if you do go out, wear a mask. It is a small sacrifice to make when so many have given so much. Graduations and Proms have been canceled, weddings postponed, birthdays and other celebrations forgone. Even mourning the dead has been denied. I think wearing a mask and staying home is a very small price to pay when you look at what is being given up.

And because of our inability to do what is asked, now summer is threatened as well. Talks of summer camps being canceled, parks remaining closed, no travel of any kind. How long do Americans wish this to last? And yet, the very people who grumble about the disruption to life are usually the ones who are not adhering to these simple requests.

When I do my milk run, or restock the cupboards, I put on my mask, whether I believe it helps or not is not the point; I wear it because I owe it to those who have given up so much. I wear it because no senior should miss out on this exciting and beautiful right of passage, because no loved one should have to grieve alone. I wear it because so many are going without income right now and because others are separated from their loved ones because of their job.

A friend shared a story of telling his young daughter that she would not be returning to school this year. Because of her being so young, he thought little of it, but to his surprise, she burst into tears.

School, church, camps…this is our children’s world, their whole life. Being with their friends, going on adventures, making plans…this is how they create memories. So I ask you, is feeling stupid in a mask, taking a stand for the right to go to the store whenever you want, worth taking away their childhood and robbing them of precious memories? Is it worth taking away somebody’s job? Is it worth killing somebody over?

Unfortunately, I feel that those who will read this post are already doing what they are supposed to and the ones that need to make the change will remain in their self-absorbed bubble, all the warnings and words of caution from not just this but all outlets, falling on deaf ears. For we cannot make the self-absorbed look past themselves any more than we can make a blind man see.

But to those of you who are doing what has been asked in order to control the spread, I want to say thank you. Your sacrifice for the well being of others is deeply and truly appreciated.

Sorry this was so…political and heavy. I promise a more upbeat post in the near future. I just had to get it off my chest and as writing is my outlet…well…..

Please, stay home, stay safe and keep washing those hands. And if you do have to go out, please, for all those kids who can’t have prom, who can’t go to camp, who can’t be with their friends…please wear your mask.



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