Coffee Breaks

I had a very dear friend who I used to visit regularly and have “coffee breaks” with. During these breaks we would talk about everything from raising kids to world problems to local happenings. Coffee Dribble is a tribute to those coffee breaks. No matter what heavy burden lay upon my shoulders when I went into that house, I always came away feeling a little bit better and a lot more loved.

I want these blogs, even those you may not agree with, to be an inviting and thought provoking source that encourages you to question things instead of blindly following societal expectations.

Coffee Dribble is about giving my opinions and thoughts a voice in the hopes of opening minds to a different way of looking at the world and maybe, just maybe, making someone else’s burden just a little lighter.

The pieces are not of a niche type, the subject matter will vary depending on what has caught my attention at that moment. Much like the coffee breaks, it is the dominating thought that will determine the conversation and in turn I encourage you to share with me your thoughts and experiences.

Please keep in mind however, that I am a person and therefore treat me as such. Be respectful, be kind. So pour yourself a cup of coffee and let us take a look at the world around us in Coffee Dribble.


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