Just Another Morning…

So it’s Friday. Just another school morning. Get up, take care of the animals, and go about the sleepy routine of starting a new day. Just the routine stuff.

I sit groggily at the kitchen table, sipping coffee as the kids are getting ready for school, writing a mental “to do” list when my thoughts are interrupted by my daughter poking her head out of the bathroom to holler “The boy has a baby bunny!!”

I knew right then and there that my peaceful morning was over.

Stepping outside in my pj’s and rain boots I spot our male cat near the trampoline, a little bundle of brownish-gray fur clutched in his jaws. I study the natural interaction of predator and prey, waiting to see if the rabbit was dead, and therefore not requiring rescue. IMG_0065

The black and white hunter dropped his breakfast and I cautiously approach, greeting the cat with a pat to the head and praise as I further assess the situation. The bunny was alive, no visible wounds. Now the weight of responsibility falls to me.

Carefully scooping up the handful of fluff, I bring it inside and away from the hungry eyes of De’Boy (yes, that’s the cat’s name). No blood. Eyes alert. All appears intact.

Now what do I do?

Getting a small hand towel from my son, we swaddle the baby and ponder the situation while snapping a few pictures to share with friends in order to regal them with our morning adventure.

We have a lot of wild rabbits in the area, three nests are accounted for just in the proximity of my house alone. The bunny could have came from anywhere so determining where to return it is no easy matter.

As we still have school to prepare for, we quickly convert the former baby guinea pig cage into a bunny sanctuary. Fresh litter and alfalfa hay go in along with a small storage container to which the frightened Thumper is tucked into, still swaddled and secure. We cover the container to block out the bright light and leave it to the quiet in order to allow it to rest from the stress of his morning outing.

The teenagers leave once we have the house guest settled and I return to my coffee. Instead of mindlessly staring at the wall waiting for my brain to wake up, I proceed to Google things like “found baby wild rabbit now what”. Thankfully, this seems to be a common thing and a long list of possible sources is presented.

I determined that the little thing is about two weeks old and therefore can survive on its own (I hope). I pour over various sites and now am left with the burden of trying to decide not only where to put the baby outside but when (morning? But what about the sun as the day gets hotter? Evening? Night prowlers could get it.). While I deliberate on the best course of action to take, my heart pounds anxiously in my chest as I worry that it will die before I figure out what to do. One of the BIG warning signs on many of the pages is do not keep it in captivity for long.

They will die of stress. Do not pet. Do not bring inside.

Well, great! I rescued the poor thing from being mauled to death only to kill it with kindness.

What was supposed to be a relaxing day off from work has turned into an agonizing adventure at playing god. But because I’m only human and a Libra, all the complexities of emotions muddle the lack of wisdom I possess in this matter. So I do what many floundering mortals do when vexed – call Mom. I seem to have no luck at all this morning as Mom doesn’t answer, most likely sleeping in. That puts me back to square one – What do I do with a baby bunny?

No matter how stoic and “tough” I try to be when accepting the facts of nature, seeing this cute little creature, with his tiny little ears, big black eyes, and twitchy nose just melts my heart. The only thing preventing me from caring for it in my own home is the fact that to do so would inevitably cause more harm then good.

After more reading, more research, I come to the conclusion that I shall take the bunny, in her makeshift little house, and place her back near where she was found (keeping the cat inside to prevent recapture of course). Now my day off can be spent fretting and worrying over this little life instead of going about my business blissfully ignorant.

So now, an hour and a half later, I sit worrying about this tiny life that upset my morning routine. I say a little prayer that all will be well and do my best not to get too attached (too late) as I know how brutal nature is Later, unless I find it otherwise, I will tell myself that it lived and will go on to have a long, happy, and fruitful life.

A Few Helpful Tidbits

*Assess bunny

*Check for nest
-shallow depression in yard
-piles of leaves
-flower beds





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