Weed Your Garden

You make time for that which is important to you.

That is what I’ve heard on and off through the years and though I agree, I’ve never given it much thought unless I was trying to judge somebody for their lack of commitment or console myself for something I have procrastinated on. However, this morning I find myself truly pondering these words.

We make time for the basics of life – work, eating, errands, bills – simply because we are forced to, not necessarily because we want to, but what of those other things? That is where the true heart of a person is found, the priorities are prioritized.

Let me demonstrate with a basic run down of what I make time for on a regular basis. (Mind you, this is being done unapologetically as we all have to abide by what is right for our individual self, so don’t judge.)

Tending to pets cleaning the house laundry dishes visiting Mom

Activities with the kids talking with the kids making lunch

Dinner with family looking over the week’s events mindlessly staring at my phone

Morning cup of coffee morning quiet time writing

These are regular happenings in my life that occur if not daily, certainly weekly, because they are either a habit or a necessity. What I have come to realize over the past week is that I do not give me enough quality time. However, since my last post, Invest in You, that is changing.

Though it has only been three days of making me a priority, the results have been immediate. I have more energy, feel productive, and my confidence has boosted; and the only thing that I have altered was a 15 minute morning stretch, if that long. That’s it!

Now 15 minutes may not seem like a lot, certainly not enough to make a difference, but it is 15 minutes of making myself a priority, making my health a priority. In doing so I begin the day with positive energy that can influence all aspects of my life. What amazes me most is how it seems not to have affected my time at all.

You see, I often thought there was no time for morning exercise simply because I like my quiet calm time while the world is still. In a way, that is my “me time” as well – sipping my coffee while watching a Netflix show to allow me to wake up. I like this time, it allows me to gradually meet the demands of the day on my own terms. As it turns out, I can have both, and I’m not even having to get up any earlier (I refuse to give up my precious sleep).

Though this is a good start, I find that there are other things I wish to make a priority but it does take consistency and discipline. I want to call my dad on a weekly basis as well as reach out to my brother regularly, I miss writing letters to my pal, and last but not least, I’d like to start on my next book. To accomplish these I am writing it on the calendar – designating a day each week for the various ones so that everyone in the house, including myself, know this is happening and it is important.

Your priorities will most likely be different from mine, you may have church, meditation, and exercise in there, or even fishing. The thing is, there is no right or wrong of it, it’s just knowing what you value, what you need, and then ensuring you tend to it.

You can make a flower bed and grow beautiful flowers, but if you don’t tend to it regularly, it will soon be overrun by weeds.

Take time to weed that which does not belong in your spirit’s garden.

-Pax tibi


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