2020, a Year to Remember

2020 has truly been a year like no other, but to say it has been all horrible is a disservice to the 366 days that create a year.

While riots, pandemic, hardships, and chaos did dominate the media and a good portion of our lives, it also allowed for opportunities and change.   

2020 saw me move into a new job that has reduced my stress immensely. I have celebrated the college graduation of two family members. I was allowed to actually be home with my kids, which given that they are on the cusp of leaving home was a wonderful opportunity. I signed a publishing contract and released another book. I became very comfortable being in front of a camera, reconnected with my inner creativity, and learned to cook again.

On a global level, I saw people helping people instead of focusing only on their needs. Neighbors looked out for each other, strangers spoke up about injustices. Businesses learned to operate in unconventional ways and people were connected through the wonders of technology. 2020 saw a movement for change.

If I had to sum up 2020 in one word it would be “time.” This year allowed me to have time to be with my family, feel rested, and focus on myself a bit. The crazy schedules were erased. The non-stop running paused. I even managed to save money. For once, 24 hours seemed like plenty of time to accomplish a day’s to-do list. The pressure to be everywhere at the same time was removed. I remembered how to enjoy a board game, a good book, and even watch some television. It was acceptable to be in comfortable clothes and sit on the porch to listen to nature.

Do not mistake my optimistic view of things to mean that I have not shed some tears during the year or even felt the fear that has gripped the world for so many months, but I choose not to focus on those aspects. I cannot control the virus, the government, or even how others think and act, but what I can control is my attitude. I choose to not look upon 2020 as a wasted year of disappointment but instead as a year that allowed me to think outside of the box while enjoying many many hours of quality family time.

Every year is filled with unknowns and ups and downs. We don’t know what the future holds for us, where life will take us. Plans are general guidelines. Dreams something to motivate and aim for, but it is the everyday stuff where life happens.

When you reflect on 2020, think long and hard over the entirety of it and not just one aspect. 202O was thought to be the year of clear vision, and that is not possible if you do not look with both eyes open and at the whole of the picture. You may be surprised to discover that there are indeed things to be thankful for after all.

May the new year be filled with health, happiness, and laughter to you and all those you hold dear.

-Pax tibi.


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