New Perspective

This week I have been switching rooms with my son to allow him to have a more accommodating area for his growing needs. I didn’t think it would be a big deal, after all, I have a whole house, but change is hard.

I have gone from “Captain’s Quarters” to a berthing space; half of my room is still scattered throughout the house as items await a new spot. However, despite a few nostalgic tears and a sore back, I am now embracing the change.

All “the important” stuff was moved and set up yesterday- bed, bookshelf, and writing desk. I wasn’t even certain that it would fit, particularly my writing desk. My fellow writers out there understand how important the aesthetics and feel of the writing area is. I had a great spot in my old space that allowed me views outside through two large windows. It was perfect and serene. I could watch the birds as they chattered in the treetops while enjoying the dawning of a new day ( I’m a morning writer).

My goal for the new room was to get the desk by the tiny window in the room – the only window in the room. If this failed I’d have to find a space in the living room which has even less of a view.

Nerves were frayed. I was scared. What if it didn’t fit? What if I hate my new room? I fretted over the aesthetics of everything, but we plowed on. The love of a mother for her child knows no limits. My boy would be happy, that’s all that mattered.

And then everything began to fall into place.

The desk fit by the tiny window. The colors suit my nautical theme well. And on the door hangs a brass plaque that states “Captain.”

So now I’m sitting at my little desk, enjoying my rock garden, gnomes, and a morning dove – all things I couldn’t see before – and I realize this isn’t so bad after all; in fact, I quite like it.

My house is still a mess, the move isn’t complete, but that’s okay. I am given the opportunity to clean,and purge, and reevaluate what has been taking up space in my room, in my life. And while I do this, I find myself dreaming once more, making plans for future projects, and being excited about life, all of which wouldn’t have happened without moving rooms.

Change can be scary, it’s a step into the unknown, but it is necessary, even good, for it allows us to grow. It allows us to look at the world through a new window.

As if the room wasn’t enough of a change, my laptop decided it didn’t want to load my blog today. So if this post is a mess, and not quite as polished as some of my others, it’s because it was written on my tablet, something I have never done before.

Kind of fitting for a theme of change.

Now let’s see if I can figure out how to post this thing. Lol

~Pax tibi


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