Wash Your Attitude

Your spirit, like your house, has to be cleaned and maintained daily. Just one day of running errands and rushing about can leave your house looking like a wreck, the same can happen to you, only you wont realize it until it’s too late.

Unlike dirty dishes, overflowing hamper, and stacks of clutter, your body often hides its mess in other things. Restless nights, apathy, irritability, hopelessness, headaches, upset tummies, even acne….all these things can be signs that your spirit is in need of some housekeeping.

Have you ever wanted a bowl of cereal only to discover all the bowls are dirty? Suddenly that simple meal has turned into a major ordeal. The same can happen to our mental house. A spilled coffee can cause an irrational response of tears or even yelling. Any disruption of the normal routine, any delay, can lead to sudden meltdown, and the next thing you know your throwing a temper tantrum that would make a two-year-old proud. Later, you reflect and wonder what the heck happened? The simple answer: your dishes are dirty.

Few things are more satisfying to me than waking up to a clean kitchen or seeing an empty hamper, however, to achieve this it takes constant upkeep, sometimes even repeating the process multiple times per day. Keeping your spirit clean is no different. It takes constant work, sometimes making multiple attitude checks throughout the day, in order to find that balance and peace that is desired. And just because you achieved it one day, doesn’t mean you can neglect it the next. This is a daily chore, a part of life, and we need to accept that as well as make it a priority.

When you clean a little bit every day, or do maintenance cleaning regularly, it becomes a habit. That is the goal for our mental house as well. You want the attitude checks, the positive vibes, and the peaceful energy to become a habit and with time, they will. But, just as it only takes one meal to create a stack of dirty dishes, so it only takes one incident to knock your mental well being askew. That does not mean that you throw in the towel and give up. If anything, that’s when you do the opposite, you roll up your sleeves and get to scrubbing.

When I wake up to fix my morning coffee and see that there are no dirty dishes greeting me, I instantly feel more productive and optimistic about my day. Likewise, if when my alarm goes off I lay in bed for just a few seconds to reflect with an attitude of gratitude I feel more balanced and content.

So, my friends, wash your attitude as if you have visitors coming over! Let me know what treasures you uncover while cleaning. 🙂

~Pax tibi


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