My Too Busy Life

I’ve been away far too long. I can’t even remember the last post I did….and I miss it!

Since March 2022 (I had to look it up to see when I posted), I’ve started a new career, switched Master’s programs, had a child move out, and in short…..utterly and completely lost me in all the transitions.

I follow a blogger on WordPress who write, My Rollercoaster Journey as a means for talking through her frustrations, anxieties, depression, and in general…life. She writes to process the world around her and her reactions to that world.

Blogging is more than just trying to help others by sharing information or creating a sense of unity, it’s free therapy. The writer is working out thoughts, emotions, and life just as the reader is seeking to understand those same things. It’s truly a beautiful partnership. Whether we smile, laugh, or cry together, there’s a bond formed that derives from not feeling alone in this big ol’ world. Just as when you share a cup of coffee with an old friend, there’s a sense of familiarity and comfort from being together.

Am I rambling? Yes, I am. But that’s okay. I’m here. I’m writing. And I NEED to write. I NEED to ramble. I NEED to talk, to process, to be ME.

While I feel happy, fulfilled, and confident in my new (and first) career as a library interim director, I feel like a part of me is getting lost. Everything in life is truly going well, I couldn’t be happier and more content, but I’ve lost me again, I’ve lost my balance in the midst of all the change. So coming back here, it’s a way to find that, to come back to the sanctuary of my thoughts, to the wonder that writing has always provided to me, to people who understand and support my crazy rambles. Knowing that perhaps my struggles can help someone else makes it feel worthwhile and keeps things in perspective.

So how can I, and you, ensure that we don’t get lost in this super fast-paced and busy world?

Well, for starters, I’m taking time away from that annoying phone. Place it in another room. Shut it off. Stuff it in a box if we must, but I need time away from the world, and that may also means a few minutes from the people I care about as well. We can’t be there for others if our cup is empty. This is particularly true for empaths. We need time to process, to hear our own thoughts, and to simply breathe.

Step two, I plan to move a bit more. Exercise releases endorphins which means stress, anxiety, and even depression can be lessened. I know for me, the crisp fall weather is rather invigorating, so taking a quick walk around the block or even sitting outside and breathing in some fresh air does my spirit wonders. My son also has this awesome thing called an Oculus. On there is a game that I absolutely enjoy, Beat Saber. This allows me to completely submerse myself into a world of music while moving. Moving is very important to me, especially now that I have a desk job. So this game is perfect to get my whole body in motion and as it doesn’t feel like exercise, I’m more likely to do it. Find what movement you enjoy and start doing it! Crank up the radio and dance while doing dishes, or go bowling, anything… just move and see how your mental health will improve. It’s almost instant!

That brings me to the third step, do something you enjoy. Life is short. You only get to do this life once, so making time for the things that brings you joy helps keep priorities straight. Whether it’s family game night, watching a television show, crafting, or taking Sunday drives….do it! Life isn’t about working, it’s about LIVING, so go live!

All of this is reasonable, even sounds fun! But making time to do it is a whole other story. Set an alarm for the various activities, put it on your to do list, hang a sign on the door…but throw out the excuses and start making time for yourself, make you a PRIORITY. You can’t be the best version of you if you’re depleted, this leads to fatigue, burnout, resentment, and a good many mental and physical ailments. Who has time for those things.

You don’t have to wait for a new year to start a new you….START NOW! START TODAY! That’s what I did. I woke up with a list of “need to dos” but I told the world, “you can wait just a little bit.” There will never be enough time in a day to do everything we want and need to do. There will never be enough of you to go around, there will never be enough hands, enough money….But there can be just enough space to allow you to breathe, to think, to ground yourself so that you can face this too crazy, busy life.

~Pax tibi

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