Be a Smiler : )

I’m a smiler. I smile when I’m happy, awkward, or embarrassed. I am known to smile through my anger, boredom, and even sadness. I even smiled during my divorce proceedings, which later I learned was interpreted as a sign that I was happy when in truth I was devastated. Now, don’t get me wrong, I… Continue reading Be a Smiler : )

Money Matters Steal the Moment

We spend so much of our time planning that it is easy to forget to enjoy the now. To survive in today’s constantly moving society, one must look ahead to schedule in vacations, events, bills, and social gatherings. Our lives have become calendars full of “to do” lists; an exhausting and often stressful predicament. I… Continue reading Money Matters Steal the Moment

A Picture Says it All

Sometimes there are no words to describe an experience. I live in a small town, though by West Virginia standards it is a rather reasonable size.   Most only know of Princeton as a stop off  I-77; our place on the map noted by restaurants, hotels, and a Wal~Mart. However, at the start of each summer,… Continue reading A Picture Says it All

Just Another Morning…

So it’s Friday. Just another school morning. Get up, take care of the animals, and go about the sleepy routine of starting a new day. Just the routine stuff. I sit groggily at the kitchen table, sipping coffee as the kids are getting ready for school, writing a mental “to do” list when my thoughts… Continue reading Just Another Morning…

Coffee Breaks

I had a very dear friend who I used to visit regularly and have “coffee breaks” with. During these breaks we would talk about everything from raising kids to world problems to local happenings. Coffee Dribble is a tribute to those coffee breaks. No matter what heavy burden lay upon my shoulders when I went… Continue reading Coffee Breaks